Diploma Fairness Update 2017

Effective March 16, 2017 the following changes were made to Ohio’s diploma fairness law for home educating graduates with the passage of SB3:

The option for obtaining the signature of the local superintendent was removed, which will strengthen the intention of the law that a diploma issued by the parent, along with the letter already required to be issued by the superintendent at the time of notification, is sufficient to satisfy any legal requirement to have a diploma.

In addition, this summer the Ohio State Board of Education approved a regulation to provide for the issuance of a State Seal of Biliteracy for eligible high school students to be affixed to his/her high school transcript. This voluntary program was codified into state law with the passage of SB 3 in the same section of code that governs the home education diploma. The regulation simply works out the details to provide for the issuance of the seals.

The rule language clarifies that home educated students may also participate if the criteria is met. The student must earn a remediation-free score on the English and reading portions on one of the state recognized college entrance exams (e.g. ACT), or several other options outlined in the approved rule. (including a high level of proficiency in use of the American Sign Language).

Paragraph (D) of the rule provides specifically for the voluntary participation of home educated students. The Ohio Department of Education is responsible for preparing and delivering the seal