Homeschool Notification Explained

Yearly Homeschool Notification

This page will be updated soon to reflect the new statute.


Each year that parents choose to home educate, they must submit Notification to the office of the district superintendent. The superintendent then provides the family with a letter excusing the child from compulsory attendance for the purpose of home education. In order to comply with the Ohio Homeschool Regulations, this NOI needs to be submitted no later than the first week of school in your district.

CHEO has a notification form and we are happy to provide it for your use. HSLDA also provides a similar form on its website.


Filling out the form…


The form is pretty standard and easy to complete. The most time-consuming part for most parents is the brief outline of intended curriculum of each child.

Remember that this is a document that is not submitted for approval of curriculum by the district superintendent, but simply demonstrates that each subject is “covered”.  The school district is not allowed to critique the materials that you are choosing to use with your students.

There is not a specific format for the outline…you are free to create your own representation. You are also not bound to this document but are able to make any changes needed throughout the school year.


Questions 1 – 4

These areas are self-explanatory and simple to complete. We do not recommend providing a phone number, but rather encourage all communication with the district be in writing. (Although email communication with the district is now an option, CHEO discourages the use of email due to inability to know if the submitted info has been opened and by whom.)

Questions 5,8 and 9

These questions only require a check mark on the form confirming “assurance” of compliance in these areas.

Questions 6 & 7

These questions need a checkmark at the beginning, but you will also be attaching the required brief outline/list.

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