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**CHEO provides this listing of local support groups as a courtesy to our website readers. The inclusion of a group on this list does not constitute CHEO’s endorsement of the group’s activities, membership, or policies. Parents are encouraged to carefully research and consider the philosophy and practices of any group they are intending to join. 


Support Group Name:  Cuyahoga County Christian Home Educators

Group Size:  225 families

Group Description:  Moms meet monthly for encouragement and fellowship. Moms & Dads meet at a local restaurant monthly for the same. Group members organize field trips and notify other members of opportunities. Most communication is via Facebook.

Counties Served:  Cuyahoga and surrounding

Support Group Leader:  Debra Gibson  Phone:  440.666.1095  Emailgibsonteam81@att.net

Additional Information:  Facebook group is “closed,” meaning folks can find it through a search, and can see who the members are, but cannot see posts. Prospective members must request permission to join. Any member may post or create events and files. We have many members who are also members of groups from surrounding counties, and we share events and opportunities between the groups. New in 2016: Sub-group for parents who are considering home education for their children who are not yet of compulsory attendance age.


Support Group Name: Homeschool Community Connection (Lorain County)

Website: Facebook under Homeschool Community Connection

Group Size:  about 100 families

Group Description: We are a Christian homeschool support group made up of familes with children of all ages. Our main way of communicating with our group is through our facebook page (Homeschool Community Connection). We think of our facebook page as the homeschool teacher’s lounge. We come in there and post interesting articles, ask each other questions, share prayer requests, plan fun trips, encourage service projects and invite each other OUT for coffee or dinner!

Counties Served: Erie, Lorain, Cuyahoga, Huron, and Medina

Support Group Leader: Heather Underhill  Phone: 440.897.7435  Email:  hlunderhill@yahoo.com


Support Group Name:  Pearls Homeschool Moms Support Group

Group Size: 15-20 Families

Group Description: Pearls has a wide range of children’s ages (birth-high school) and mom ages (20s to 50s). We meet once the third Monday of each month at 1:30 pm for discussion, encouragement, and snacks! The children fellowship in a nearby area with adult oversight.

Counties Served:  Primarily Geauga, Lake & Ashtabula Counties

Support Group Email: pearlshomeschool@gmail.com


Support Group Name:  Triple C Homeschoolers (Catholic Christians of Cleveland)

Group Size: 80+ Families

Group Description:  We are a home school group in the Cleveland and surrounding areas. Non-Catholic Home School families are welcome to join but please note that a few activities may involve aspects of the Catholic faith, so as long as that won’t offend you, please know you are welcome to join us.

This group is a great way to connect with other home school families! We attend plays and many various activities and tours. We organize many educational and fun events! Our families have children of all ages. We have a high school group, Jr. high group, and yearbook staff.

Besides our group’s activities, members are encouraged to post other homeschooling/kids/family events happening in and around the area. Any member is welcome to post an idea or schedule an event. We do ask that no politics or political events be posted so as not to offend other members.

Counties Served: Primarily Cuyahoga & Lorain, but a family from surrounding counties are more than welcome!

Support Group Email:  triplechomeschoolers-owner@yahoogroups.com  or thecrowleygirl@yahoo.com


Support Group Name:  Promise Home School Co-op

Group Size: 25 families

Group Description:  Promise Home School Co-op is a Christian co-op that meets for 12 weeks each spring and 12 weeks each fall on Friday mornings from 9 am to 1 pm. We meet at St. Joseph School (in classroom space) in Mantua, OH. There are three class periods for ages pre-k through high school, as well as a lunch and recess period. Classes vary from session to session to reflect student and parent interest. Recent classes include math enrichment, fine arts, computers and sciences. All parents volunteer in the classroom or nursery.

Counties Served:  Portage, Geauga, Cuyahoga and Summit counties

Support Group Leader:  Miriam Forsythe   Email: Dmjjdforsythe@windstream.net   Phone: 440.543.7580 or 440.283.5980

Additional Information:  Tuition is currently $40 per family per session. A signed statement of faith is required for all teachers and families. Field trips and other outside activities for the group are occasionally scheduled.


Support Group Name: Unschool Community Connection     

Group size: 85

Group Description: We are an extension of Homeschool Community Connection (Lorain County) as a Christian based unschooling group. We will offer encouragement, ideas and help each other in this adventure we call life learning. But we do not limit ourselves to only Christian-believing families. We also do not limit ourselves to ONLY Lorain County. As long as your are in Ohio and in need of a group like ours and can abide by a rule of kindness, you are welcome to join us!

Counties Served:  Lorain mostly, but also surrounding counties: Huron, Erie, Cuyahoga, Medina. We have recently opened our doors to pretty much anyone in Ohio who is needing a group like ours.

Support Group Leader:  Angel Lambert  Email: dreamingangel@hotmail.com   Phone: 440.985.8107

Additional Information:  We are an unschooling group but we aren’t snobby about it. Anyone who is simply interested in finding out how we have relaxed our schoolish reins or is trying to discover what works best for their family is invited to join us. We run the gamut of unschoolishness as well…from families who are structured because they work best in a time frame to families who are traveling the world and using only life itself as their curriculum. We are kind and affirming and encouraging. We also keep good parenting heads on our shoulders.


Support Group Name: Classical Conversations of North Olmsted

Group Size: 14

Group Description: The goal of Classical Conversations is to know God and make Him known. We believe it is best done through a community support network and regular, structured meetings. Each week, a trained tutor demonstrates presentation of the weekly material as an example and support for parents to teach their children the rest of the week. Our Foundations group (K4-6th) has four additional segments which include a science experiment, fine arts time, student oral presentations, and a review time. Our Essentials program meets in the afternoon and the students focus on their writing, English grammar and mental math skills. Some communities offer Challenge levels for 7th-12 graders, although as of Fall 2016, we have not yet grown into that level.

Counties Served:  Cuyahoga, Lorain, Erie

Support Group Leader: Shannon Giailourakis  Email:  NorthOlmestedCC@gmail.com  Phone: 440.731.6094

Additional Information:  Please check out ClassicalConversations.com/calendar to see if any Information Meetings are near you. Keep seeking God as what’s best for your family! He will lead you. : )


Support Group Name:  Launching Light Homeschool Co-op

Group Size: 9 families and growing

Group Description:  We are a small group of families with about 25 children participating 3 times per month for classes and field trips. We require that all moms volunteer to teach,  lead an activity or organize a field trip during the year. Our classes consist of Science (Dr. Jay Wile curriculum) and a “Family Led Lesson” with the topic chosen by the family. We meet from 1 – 3 on Fridays at local libraries or the field trip location. There is a small supplies fee required at the state fo the year to cover lesson supplies or room costs. The founders of the co-op are Christian but it is not a requirement to join. We do open our memtings with prayer, the Pledge of Alliance, and a presentation by one of the children. Throughout the year we do extra activities such as: perform at an elder care center, service projects, science fair, field day, etc.

Counties Served: Cuyahoga, Lorain and Medina

Support Group Leader:  Caroline Benedum  Email: carolinebenedum@rocketmail.com   Phone:  440.212.6262

Additional Information: To join the co-op, you may submit a request to join our FaceBook page at launchinglightshomeschoolco-op. You will be immediately contacted to coordinate a visit to one of our meetings to allow you to determine if this is a good fit for you and your children.


Support Group Name: Homeschool Central (Lorain County)

Group Size:  360+

Group Description:  We are a Facebook Group for homeschooling families in the Lorain County vicinity. We provide support and community both online and in real life events. We have an extremely active community with multiple in-person events weekly. Information is available for all types of schooling, including traditional, unschooling, online public schooling, and those interested in leaving the public/private school systems. We are inclusive of all families, and respectful of all beliefs.

Counties Served: We’re based in the Lorain County area, but have members from all over Northeast Ohio, and a few from farther away who use us for online support.

Support Group Leader:  Marcy Novak  Email:   cjthedog64@yahoo.com  Phone:  (440) 731-5827

Additional Information: We are working on a website but it’s not active yet. I’ll update with the link when it is.


Support Group Name: Path (Parents Advocating Teaching @ Home)

Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/oh/path/

Group Size: 30-60 families

Group Description:  Parents Advocating Teaching @ Home is a Christian homeschool support group based in Lorain County, OH. We are a group of families who volunteer our time to make the homeschooling of all our children a better experience.

We have something for every grade (K-12) .  Here are some of the things we offer: Field Trips, Weekly High School Classes, Bi-weekly Elementary Classes, Intramural sports, Opportunities for growing friendships

Counties Served: Lorain and surrounding counties

Support Group Leader:   Amy Lake     Email:  Pathofficer@gmail.com    Phone: (440) 328-7615