Urgent Legislative Update

December 8, 2022


In an afternoon session on December 7, 2022 – the Ohio Senate approved SB178 with a vote of 22-7.

This measure now moves to the Ohio House of Representatives. We will send out an update as soon as it is assigned to a House Committee and when Committee hearings are scheduled. The process will be QUICK because time in this session is running out.

In the meantime, it is incredibly important to continue contacting your own State Representative to ask for a NO VOTE when this bill comes to the House floor. Proponents are marketing this bill as the only way to fix our educational system – it is not! Sub SB 178 REMOVES elected representation for ALL students and parents in Ohio. This is especially problematic for home educated students and religious 08 non chartered schools.

 There are House Republicans who will vote NO. Be encouraged that your calls and emails WILL make a difference. Four years ago this same legislation (from the same proponents) could not get enough support in the House. This is a busy time of year, but this issue is critically important. Please consider making contact with your member and take an extra step to share this message with friends and family.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement on this issue!

A word from HSLDA regarding this legislation: HERE




Link to the original alert for background information.

Link to determine who represents you in the Ohio House OR you could call your county board of elections to get the name and contact information.

Find your Representative here: https://www.legislature.ohio.gov



Disclaimer: This information is provided for your consideration and as a public service.
Submitted by Melanie Elsey – CHEO Legislative Liaison