About Us


Your state organization for 
over 35 years…
we are here for you!

Our Mission

For over 35 years, CHEO has served as the state homeschool organization for Ohio and has remained committed to our mission “to preserve the God-given, constitutional right to home educate, and to support and encourage families in fulfilling this biblical responsibility”.

CHEO offers a variety of programs and events throughout the year that seek to encourage, train and equip families on their homeschool journey. Our legislative liaison, Melanie Elsey, has been on staff for over 25 years and attends monthly meetings in Columbus to stay informed of any changing legislation that could affect home educators. We are truly blessed to have her on our team and watching out for Ohio families.

CHEO also offers a year-round office staff who remains available to help with any issues you may encounter during your school year. We love serving home educating families across the state and are grateful for your continued support!

What We Do

Member Supported

CHEO is a member supported 501(c) 3 non-profit organization with the Christ-centered ministry of supporting equipping and protecting families in the home education of their children.

Year Round

We are a year-round ministry that functions to inform and educate families through various means including a co-sponsored state convention, regional “Getting Started” events, monthly newsletter, notification assistance and much more!

Experienced Legislative Liaison

We diligently work to monitor the Ohio legislative process in order to protect our freedom to home educate. Melanie Elsey, Legislative liaison for CHEO, has been on staff for over 25 years and is a well known fixture at the statehouse and works closely with HSLDA.

Supporting All Families

While our beliefs and views are distinctively Christian, we seek to serve and protect all home educators in Ohio, regardless of ethnicity, religion or creed.

Our Mission Statement

“CHEO acknowledges that the Lord Jesus Christ must be central and supreme in the rearing of our children, and that biblical education is an inseparable part of the Christian faith.

CHEO seeks to preserve the God-given, constitutional right to home educate, and to support and encourage families in fulfilling this biblical responsibility.”


Meet our Leadership Team…

John & Melanie Elsey
CHEO Board 

John serves as the current Chairman of the Board.
Melanie is the legislative liaison for CHEO and has served in this capacity for over 30 years.

Email: lzjoshua@aol.com


Dan & Debbie Gibson
CHEO Board

Dan and Debbie have energetically served on the Board and in other capacities for years. Debbie is the current Secretary for CHEO and both serve as the 216/440 reps.

Email: gibson@cheohome.org
Phone: 440-666-1095

Ed & Rachel Ballard
CHEO Board 

Ed and Rachel have been long-time friends of CHEO…and we are thankful to have them serve on our Leadership Team.
Ed serves as Treasurer for the organization.

Email: ballard@cheohome.org

Matthew & Jeannine Ramer
CHEO Board

We are happy to have
Matt and Jeannine Ramer
join the Leadership Team and help guide the organization as we seek to serve the Lord.

Email: ramer@cheohome.org

Chris and Casey McCracken
CHEO Board and
330 Area Rep

We are thankful to have
Chris and Casey McCracken join the Leadership Team and are excited for their energy and desire to serve Ohio families.

Email: clmccracken9@gmail.com

Dan and Jennifer Beck
Area Rep

Dan and Jennifer have served on the Leadership Team for a number of years and  we are grateful for their talents.
They are the 419 area reps.

Email: cheo@cheohome.org
Phone: 419-604-1342


Rich & Mary Ellen Sementilli
Area Rep

Rich and Mary Ellen have served CHEO families for countless years and have a wealth of knowledge. They are the 740/220 area reps.

Email: cheo@cheohome.org
Phone: 740-698-9515