Benefits of Student Assessments

Changes in Ohio…


With the passage of RC 3321.042, annual assessments are no longer required for home educated students. While we rejoice in less requirements for homeschool families, we would encourage parents to consider the benefits of creating assessment opportunities for your students.

Home School Legal Defense Association has in-depth content helping families understand different options and opportunities to evaluate your school year.

For more information: Testing and Evaluation

What are a Couple of Options for Assessing your Student?

Standardized Test

Many families choose to have their child/children take nationally-normed, standardized tests each year. 

The traditional versions of college board ACT and SAT tests do qualify as a nationally-normed standardized test, but can still be a helpful tool for parents.

Written Narrative/Portfolio Review

A written narrative/portfolio review has typically done by a licensed or certified teacher in Ohio.

 While this is no longer required under the new statute, portfolio reviews can be very helpful. This individual can review the student’s work from the year and provide valuable feedback for parents.