Awaiting Letter of Excuse

We know many of you are anxiously awaiting your Letter of Excuse from Compulsory Attendance, and may be concerned that it has not arrived yet. CHEO recommends that you wait until a few weeks after school is in session in your district, then send another letter to the superintendent, not necessarily certified.

It could say something like,
“According to our records, your office received our family’s Notification of Intent to Home Educate (students’ names) for the 2019-20 school year on (date). We will appreciate receiving our Letter of Excuse from Compulsory Attendance as soon as possible. Thank you.”

Keep a copy of this correspondence in your files.

If you should receive a letter that requests further info instead, we are here to help you walk through that process. If you’re not certain about how to respond, give us a call or send us an email or Facebook message. We’re happy to help you!

No need to worry—enjoy the adventure of the new school year!