Partial Example of the Brief Outline of Intended Curriculum


Brief Outline of Intended Curriculum for _______________________ (student’s name)

This Outline is for ___________________________ (school year)


A) Language, reading, spelling and writing:

* Development of reading/comprehension skills
* Weekly spelling and vocabulary practice
* Development of paragraph structure, correct punctuation
* Library and dictionary skills

Institute for Excellence in Writing
 Abeka Language
Abeka Spelling
Practice readers and weekly library books

 B) Geography, history of the United States and Ohio; and national, state and local government:

* US geography and map skills
* The United States from the Civil War to the present
* Ohio canals and their uses in history
* Government function and procedures

Abeka New World History and Geography
Switched on Schoolhouse: Ohio History
American Government


Finish the remaining list of subjects in a similar manner.

We recommend that you use the A – H subject headings from the notification form in order to make it easy for the district office to confirm all subjects have been covered for the year.

The List of Resources can be placed on a separate sheet of paper or included under each subject area in the Outline of Intended Curriculum. It is not advisable to include the grade for the material. Also, resources don’t have to be textbooks, or even books at all. For instance: museums, parks, YMCA membership/classes, private music lessons, participation in community sports can all be a part of your planned resources.

If you have any questions regarding this part of the notification process – CHEO is always happy to assist you. Please feel free to call anyone on our leadership team or call our office staff if you have questions. We also encourage families not to “copy and paste” any Brief Outlines placed on social media platforms for notification use. Please, make sure that the outline you submit reflects the personal plan that you have for your family.