Thank you, HSLDA!

As many are already aware, HSLDA recently sent a letter to Ohio’s State Superintendent, Paolo DeMaria, requesting his cooperation/assistance in protecting the constitutional rights of Ohio families to home educate. This letter was sent in response to reports of some school districts dispatching truancy officers, police officers and/or teachers to homes of students whose families have properly notified the district of their intent to home educate, but have failed to be properly recognized by the district. Delays in processing notifications have contributed to this issue.

CHEO wants to publicly express our appreciation to HSLDA for their diligent work to protect home educating families. While this issue is not a statewide problem, we believe it is wise to inform families so that they can be vigilant this year. If you have not received your excusal letter to date, we advise you to send another letter to the superintendent’s office and politely request the excusal letter be sent. To learn more: Beginning the Journey

For more information from HSLDA on this matter: Police Harassing Homeschoolers? Here’s What to Do and My Child is Homeschooling. So Why is the School Robocalling?

If you are not a current member of HSLDA, we encourage you to consider membership. You can learn more at: HSLDA.