Extracurricular Activities


State law for participation in extracurricular activities (including sports) has been conformed to the new section defining home education.  RC 3313.5312


Basic elements of RC 3313.5312 based on a plain review of the language:


A student who is receiving home education in accordance with section 3321.042 shall be afforded the opportunity to participate in any extracurricular activity offered by the district in which the student resides.


IF more than one school operated by the district serves the student’s grade level – as determined by the district superintendent, based on the student’s age and academic performance, the student shall be afforded the opportunity to participate at the school which the student would be assigned if enrolled.  The student is prohibited from participating in the extracurricular activity at another school district if he/she is given the opportunity to participate in his/her district of residence.


IF an extracurricular activity is not offered by the district of residence, the student may pursue participation in a different district, but the non-residential district is permitted (not required) to allow participation.


In order to participate the student must be of the appropriate age and grade level, as determined by the superintendent of the district and shall fulfill the same nonacademic and financial requirements as any other participant.


IF the student did not receive home education in the preceding grading period OR was withdrawn from enrollment for home education mid-year, eligibility will be determined by academic performance or an interim assessment taken by the student while enrolled.


IF a student is ineligible at the time home education commences, due to failure to meet academic standards or any other requirements of the district shall not participate in the activity until the academic requirements are met.


No school shall impose additional rules that are not applied to other participating students.


No school district, interscholastic conference, or organization the regulates interscholastic conferences or events shall require a student to meet eligibility requirements that conflict with this statute.