For me, starting a new year always feels like a breath of fresh air. Open the windows and inhale! Rejoice in a clean slate – unspoiled, neat, inspiring. Start new routines. Let go of old habits that have failed. Begin anew.

The past year was one we all struggled through with fear of COVID, job uncertainty, unending lockdowns, social distancing, masks and (gulp) toilet paper shortages. ☹ It was overwhelming on so many levels and left us with an underlying sense of unease. Like standing on ground that suddenly begins to shift and move…it is unnatural and terrifying.

I entered the new year with the sincere desire to turn my back on all those emotions/fears and boldly move into something better. And yet, here we are only 12 days into 2021 and we are experiencing even more uncertainty, discord and shutdowns. I opened the window on a new year and it smells like someone had a mishap in the chemistry lab. Yikes! How are we to cope with all the unrest? How are we to teach our children to view current events? How do we continue moving forward instead of cowering in the corner with thumb in mouth?

One of the best studies my husband and I used in our home education program was Starting Points – World View Primer by David Quine. It took a year of steady effort to work through this material, but it gave our daughters a firm foundation for how to view current events through a Biblical filter. They slowly developed the essential ability to discern the core beliefs presented through media and culture – and then hold it up to the light of the word of God. And that is what we all must do in the current climate…view all events through a Biblical lens. “There is nothing new under the sun…” and that is most certainly true today. The chaos that seems to incessantly spin around us is not newly contrived. What are we to do but look to the Word for clarity, wisdom and direction.

Our heavenly Father has not changed and will not change.
He remains steadfastly the same yesterday, today and into the uncertain future. We rest in His infallible Word and His perfect plan for the world that we live in. The world He brought forth for His glory.  We may not understand the plan. We may not even really like the plan. But we can take comfort in knowing, beyond a shadow of any doubt, that all things truly do work for our best and His ultimate glory.

This is what we teach our children. This is what we remind ourselves. This is how we stay calm and focused regardless of what swirls around us. We focus on the work He has given us to do in our homes, vocations, churches and communities. We reach out to those around us in love and speak His truth into their lives. We love and serve as Christ did on this earth. We keep our eyes on what we know is solid and sure and reject the fear that attempts to consume. This is the day (and year) that the Lord has made. We shall rejoice and be glad in it.

Embracing the day,